2019 Riesling Block 11

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The 2019 Riesling Block Eleven is fresh and vibrant, overflowing with tropical aromas of pineapple, mango, guava and piña colada.  It offers some subtle savoury characters of sour candy / sour confectionary and lemongrass, giving a light, lifted and playful personality to the wine.

The playful personality continues in the palate with fruity tropical flavours of fresh pineapple, canned fruit and cherry cola candy, delicately framed with some hints of lemongrass and nutmeg.

This wine is made purely from clone 21B Riesling, which was originally imported into North America from Germany’s Mosel Valley.  Clone 21B tends to produce wines with more racy acidity, which provides the perfect balance to the naturally retained sugar.  The fermentation was stopped at about 84% completion to provide natural sweetness and flavour.

The food pairing options are quite diverse.  Try it with some Asian fare like Thai red duck curry or other hot and spicy dishes.  Chilled seafood, like a chilled octopus and shrimp salad, or a fish ceviche with chili, lemon-lime and cilantro would be a delight!  Try it with some truffle cheese or even be a little adventurous and pair it with venison prepared with star anise and Thai basil.  It’s also the perfect partner for a ham & pineapple pizza or simply just POOLSIDE!

Alcohol (ABV): 10.1
Residual Sugar: 32.3 g/L
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